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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Oops ... I did it again

Fabric shopping, that is. Good thing though, I could stick to my plan and only bought what I needed, plain polycotton and a little bit of interfacing.

And I didn't want to hold back on the little gem I found. I wanted to go there since I moved to my (still) new flat, but never really came around it. It's located in something called "Market Hall" within the Wood Green Shopping Centre. (For anyone who doesn't know where to find it, it's between Primark and New Look, and here's a map.) It can be quite tricky to find these two units but it's definitely worth having a look.

The shop contains of two stalls, one for fabric and one is mainly for haberdashery. When I was there, I was greeted with an excuse of how messy the fabric shop looks, although I found it didn't look too bad. I had to stick to my plan and only buy the things I wanted, so I didn't really have a look around. The polycotton and interfacing I bought were reasonably priced. I saw most price tags on the haberdashery side of the shop, which might be because the fabric part is still quite new.

To sum up: I definitely have to go back for fabric shopping, I saw at least 6 patterned fabrics which I need to have! And it's quite convenient to have a decent haberdashery shop on your doorstep.

NB: Here's a link to their website which, in my view, doesn't do justice to the actual shop.


  1. Great find! I hope you don't mind, I added this to my list of crafts shops in London on my own blog. That's one to check out as soon as I need a few bits and pieces!
    I better not go before I need something because I will buy things that get added to my stash...
    Thanks so much for posting this, that's great!

    Who else knows of great shops, online shops, websites, tutorials, videos or something else? Let me know if you want to post to the blog and I'll send you the invite.

  2. I live just up in Palmers Green and didn't know about this! Will have to go have a look! Thanks,


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