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Thursday, 13 March 2014

How to sew over bulky seams

Picking up from the kids' dungaree challenge on the Sewing Bee on Tuesday, Wendy from MIY Studio in Brighton has a great tip on how to sew over a bulky seam.

It is the MIY Studio where two groups of us went in January and February to do the dress pattern workshop, which was brilliant.  I can really recommend her courses.  Keep on the lookout for more courses in the later part of the year because some of the classes in the next few months are fully booked right now.

Follow the link to the Seam Jig tip here.

I love the photos she shows and also the very useful explanation of why your sewing machine stops sewing at a bulky seam (and why this piece of cardboard helps).  I would believe that it works without knowing this, but it's so much more beneficial when you understand how something works!  More satisfying too.

Do you have any tips on how to deal with bulkiness, or little tricks relating to seams?  Please post them in the comments!

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  1. Handy tip, thank you! I came across a similar one recently for starting off sewing - if you find that delicate fabrics get sucked into the feed dogs or you have trouble starting off on thick fabrics (because the presser foot isn't level), cut a little square of the same fabric, start sewing somewhere on that, line up your main fabric and just continue sewing your seams. You can backstitch once you're on the main piece and then just cut the extra square off.


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