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Sunday, 2 March 2014

LDC jacket lining discussion

LDC Dilemma Corner: Lining your jacket
Sew-a-long discussion.

Hello Seamstresses,

Many of us got involved in the great jacket sew-a-long if you have completed your project how did you find the lining stage? Any hints and tips? If you are yet to complete it still let LDC Seamstresses know how you plan to tackle this section, it can be mind boggling ... That is my experience!


  1. I just started lining my blazer today, the Simplicity instructions guide you to line the jacket AFTER you have constructed the jacket, and done up the seams. My mind was thinking this does not sound logical, but who am I to argue with simplicity... So I carried on turns out lining is sewn inside via a opening that's left, very unclear pictures and vague instructions so I'm hoping for the best! I've only done front facing in the next sitting I should complete it and do a full post with pics. In the mean time had anyone ever lined a jacket this way?

  2. I've never done it, but it sounds like bagging the lining? There's a tutorial from Grainline Studio which is pretty clear if so - If that looks along the right lines, google 'bag a jacket lining' and a few other useful sites come up - there are a couple of old sewalongs and a Threads article. Apparently it's a good RTW technique, so might be useful to anyone who's still working on jackets!

    1. Thank you@ imporiv
      ''Bagging the lining'' ??, I've made a few dresses where the lining is sort of pushed through the dress so that the sleeves ( sleeveless dress) are finished nice and neatly that technique from memory seemed like I was bagging the lining sort or turning inside out if that makes sense. I will check Google and look at this resource you mentioned. Even though I plan to make the same blazer again, I don't want to make too many errors on this one I actually like the lining it contrasts the black fabric and don't
      really want to waste it.

      How did you get on with your jacket ? Did you take part? Did you bag the lining?? Give us an update.


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