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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Second in the series: I Love...

I am carrying on Barbara's theme of LDC members sharing things they really like.


If you have never heard of ponte roma knit fabrics before Plush Addict has created a great blog post on this here. So why do I love them so much? Here are some of the reasons and the garments I have made with ponte roma knit fabrics. 

Stable Knit Fabric
If you have been thinking about trying knit fabrics ponte roma is a great place to start. It has a lot more stability than a slippery jersey and has a good weight and thickness which makes it easier to work with, both in terms of cutting out and under the sewing machine. As long as you use a ball point needle you should be fine. The fabric also does not fray which is great. 

Vogue 8667

Fit Issues
When I work with a knit fabric I find I have fewer fit issues than working with a woven as it moulds to the shape of your body so much easier and works very well with patterns that have negative ease (negative ease is when a garment is cut smaller than your actual measurements but stretches to fit).

New Look 6123

Comfortable Fabric
On a personal level I just love how comfortable knit fabrics are to wear. Ponte Romas are soft and warm and the perfect fabric for an Autumn/Winter garment. 

New Look 6735

So are there any cons to sewing with a ponte roma knit? The only thing that I have found is that  I have had varying success with finding good quality ponte roma knits that don't pill. If I am honest it is also something that happens with ready to wear clothing.

Where is the best place to find ponte roma knit fabrics? You can find this in most of the fabric markets in London such as Walthamstow Market, Shepherds Bush Market, Ridley Road etc. Fabric Land also supplies a wide range of solid heavy ponte knits at very reasonable prices here.

Has anyone else had any experiences with ponte roma knit fabrics? Which fabrics do you love or hate?