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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A big thank you for filling in Sarah's questionnaire

Dear all,
Thank you to all of those who participated in my sewing habits market research questionnaire in the last monthly meeting it was really appreciated. For any of you who weren't there or didn't get a chance to fill in the short question and would like to please send me a message on the group or leave a comment below.
I thought I would explain a little bit more about what I am trying to do to put the questionnaire into context.
To explain why I am doing this is, I think a few facts about the textile industry may help:
     Conventional cotton farming consumes approximately 25% of global pesticides and fertilizers
      The textile industry is the number one polluter of water worldwide
      It is estimated that around 5,00 people die each year due to water contamination
      The harsh chemicals eventually mean the fields are rendered barren where as organic production replenishes the nutrients naturally and the land can be continually used
     The methods and materials used in organic fabrics have a very low impact, if any, on the environment
     Organic methods also create more jobs as they are more labor intensive therefore offering better livelihoods to the locals

So as you may have gathered by now I am in the process of launching an online organic sewing shop. I aim to stock organic fabric including cottons, silks and jerseys alongside organic sewing threads, and trimmings. The trimmings will include rick rack braid, lace, satin and taffeta ribbons and webbing tape. As I hopefully grow I will add more organic products to the store. I am also designing some starter sewing kits which will include the organic sewing products.
Hopefully from the facts above you can see why I am doing this. Obviously my love for sewing has also contributed as well as my desire to set up my own business. It probably also makes more sense now as to why the questionnaire you did for me was so helpful. Once I have put together all the results including any more responses I shall post them up as I think they're quite interesting. This will probably be in he next couple of weeks.
If anyone has any comments or thoughts about what I'm doing feel free to contact me, I always love talking to other people and hearing what they have to say, any comment is helpful.
Thank you again for your help, when the website is launched I shall give you all a discount code as a little thank you.

Sarah R 

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