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Thursday, 20 August 2015


Tell the World- the Sewing World, that is- about something you really like.
The organisers hope to encourage members of the Dressmakers Club to post some blog articles.  Any member can do this, just contact Giselle or Barbarags, either in person at a meeting or send a message via the Meetup site, and we will tell you how.  I promise you it is really, really simple.

I thought of trying to persuade members to write about themselves, a new member each month but I discovered that you are so busy that it is hard to work to a deadline or you are so shy you hide your light under a bushel.  So this is a new theme, write what you want when you want, as long as it relates to sewing, about the things you love, are inspired by, couldn't do without etc.  Maybe it is a particular pattern that really works for you, your sewing machine or gadget that you think is brilliant, a shop or on-line company that has great stuff to offer, a course ( hands on or on the Internet)  that has increased your proficiency, a designer or exhibition that has inspired you, a particular style ( 1940's, Goth or such) that shapes the clothes you make or a book or magazine that gives you help or ideas.  There are so many possibilities  that I hope you will be queueing up to tell us about these things that make sewing a joy and about which you can spread the word .

To start off I am going to say  I LOVE OUR MONTHLY MEETINGS.  It is such a good way to meet other sewers in a relaxed and friendly way.  Often people say that they don't know any one else who sews and with whom they can talk dressmaking.  The monthly meeting attracts sewers of all standards and it is great to hear about and see what they are making.  You can pick up tips and ideas at every meeting, I hear people talking about fabric shops they have visited, where they buy vintage patterns. Often members bring along books, magazines or patterns that they have recently bought so you can browse and see if they appeal to you and maybe interested in getting them yourself.

At our August meeting I discovered that Celine had made the jacket and skirt that I plan to make in the future and she advised me that the fit of the jacket was looser it appeared on the photograph on the pattern packet and the skirt came up tight.  Even better for estimating how that pattern will fit me,  Celine and I appear to roughly the same size as we discovered when she tried on the jacket I had made and was wearing at the meeting.  This will give me a head start on the sort of alterations that I will need to tackle when it comes to making it myself so I am particularly glad that I went to the meeting.

You may get inspiration to tackle an item that you have always wondered about making.  At August meeting I saw an amazing corset and two beatuiful bras at a previous meeting, both of such quality that you would think they were made by professional makers.  Have you ever dreamed of making these to your own measurements?  Here is proof that you can.

Don't be afraid if it is your first visit, we are a friendly bunch and, although the meeting starts at 6 pm, we are always there  beyond 8 pm so pop in on your way home from work.  This month (August) we are sneaking in an extra meeting on Monday 24 August so come along to this one at Ev's near Waterloo station if you can't wait for the September meeting.  Check out the Meetup site for the details here