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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

LDC Sew-a-Longs

Have you joined a London Dressmakers Club sew-a-long?

I joined the LDC group in the Summer of 2013 and took part in the Jacket Sew-a-Long that ran from the end of September and finished at the end of November.

This challenge was great for me as I had previously steered clear of sewing jackets as I knew that they can sometimes require a lot of fitting and to be honest they don't feature a huge amount in my lifestyle (I'm much more of a cardigan girl). There fore I decided to stick with a very simple pattern such as Simplicity 2250

The ease of the pattern enabled me to be able to finish the jacket within the the challenge timeframe (although there is Meetup for the sew-a-long stragglers here) and I was lucky enough to pick out my fabric at a shopping trip with the group a couple of weeks before. 

LDC is a great place to chat to fellow sewers about the projects that we are working on, exchanging ideas, hints, tips and troubleshooting. This was even more so for me when sewing this garment as many of the LDC members were experiencing the same jacket woes and joys at the same time that I was!

LDC are hosting another sew-a-long from February 1st - 31st March, this time for a skirt. So why not set yourself the challenge?  Fill a gap in your wardrobe or just surf through the ideas and projects that people are working on. You can find further information on the sew-a-long here

As we are talking about skirts ideas I must give a shout out to LDC member Samantha who had the great idea of turning jumpers into skirts. You can see more on this on the LDC Member Makes pages here. Such a simple and great idea for rejuvenating items in your wardrobe!

Lastly, if anyone has any ideas for future sew-a-longs do feel free to comment below! We would love to hear from you.


  1. Your jacket is great, really suits you. I really like how versatile it is: it looks great over your lovely posh blouse and it would be equally good with jeans.
    It looks like a project that's not too difficult so beginners may find it suitable. I would love it if you could tell us about that at the next meeting!

  2. Would love to participate in a sew-a-long...but the Meetup link isn't working. Is there another site you could post. Thanks!

    1. Hi Naush, the site is experiencing technical problems today, they posted a message saying that the site will be up intermittently and to keep trying. It sounds like one of those denial of service hacker attacks. I hope the site is stable again very soon.
      When the site works again, do please RSVP to any sewalong you fancy and post a comment about what you are making! That would be lovely!


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