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Saturday, 8 February 2014

An online site for jersey fabrics

Is anyone looking for a jersey/stretch/knit fabric?

I just came across the online website of Tissu Fabrics and really liked their jersey fabrics.

These were my favourites:

They have lots of great colours in plain fabrics, and the patterns are lovely too!

A lot of their subject headers (from Cotton, Dress etc via Lycra to Viscose) contain lots of stretch fabrics.  Their prices seem quite good: from about £3.50 to £4.99 per metre.  There are more expensive fabrics as well, but most are in this range.

I am so tempted to get at least one of these, but my stash has grown beyond the shelves it is meant to live on - I am determined to not buy unless I have a specific project in mind but no suitable fabric.  Ideally I should find a pattern for a stash fabric, but when did that ever stop me?

They also do some lovely velvet and crushed velvet fabrics.

Delivery via Royal Mail.  Shipping for orders over £50 is free in the UK.

Do you know of a great fabric shop, either off or online?  Please add them in the comments, enquiring minds want to know!

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