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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Autumn Skirt

Slapdashery - Autumn Skirt

My plans are always above my skills and most imaginings are very far from how things pan out. I have a limited amount of patience mainly because I have such limited time. Sometimes after a 9 hour day plus 1 hour commute (yes each way) & then bathtime/bedtime and dinner I wish I had an easier hobby! A lot of my sewing is alteration, being both taller than average and now (thanks recent baby) bigger than average. I buy in desperation and then start the process of trying to make something work. This is one such project.         


Inspiration: a chunky rust cord skirt I like that screams cuddly Autumn
Problems: Too big at waist; Too short to wear without leggings (don't like shorter than knees; Nothing to wear TODAY!
Possible solutions: what do I have in my stash/wardrobe that, as a long shot, "goes" with my autumn theme? An old skirt section of a 50s style dress that was so short in the body I hacked it apart but never did anything with it.
Things I thought about: utilising both existing hems to save time.
Things I hadn't thought about: attaching circle skirt to straight skirt not straight forward; distribution of fabric; properly measuring length I want.  
Method: Took out wedges from side to make cord skirt smaller. On to skirt addition: I pinned at side seams, then front & back, then half way between those pins, then fudged roughly even semi box pleats sort of inbetween those pins. Measuring? Pah, measuring is for people with time! (And who like to make a proper job of things).  Sewed a row of stitches on the right side a foot width from existing hem so I could follow hem with a straight line. Slid width dial to 5 and did same with foot in same place. Result? Two lovely rows of straight stitching. Drawback? I never pressed or tacked and some pleats caught backwards a bit at the edge. Oh well, who will know... thank goodness for overlap of cord hem. 
Result: I wore it as planned 45 minutes later on a nice autumnal day. 


Evaluation: I wish I'd added less extra skirt and made it shorter. I could alter it still... but will see if I wear it enough to warrant repeated effort. And whether it is worth hemming the hidden top of the extension fabric...? Well maybe next year. 


  1. NB my husband taking photo at top clearly didn't grasp the point of a photo for a sewing blog - might want to be able to see the skirt rather than pretty trees!

  2. I think that the length looks good! I like how you have paired it with boots too :-)

  3. Oh my gosh Samantha, I LOVE your skirt! What a fantastic solution to the 'too short' problem!

    I know we talked about what kind of fabric to use for lengthening: a patterned fabric like that that picks up the colour of the skirt is just brilliant (hadn't considered a pattern, great solution!). It totally looks like this is how the skirt is meant to look. I really, really like it.

    And why not attach as you did! It saves time and I'm sure no-one will notice any little pucker. It looks absolutel fine in the close-up. I am really impressed that you were able to sit down to it and so quickly too. I'm totally jealouse at your sewing mojo.

    The master shot photo gives a good impression that the "new" skirt looks wonderful on you.


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