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Friday, 23 January 2015

Keeping Track

Some of us have out of control wardrobes and stashes, some have vowed to keep a better record of what they have and acquire in the future.  Below is some information about some sites or apps that I have come across that can help you to do this.  These are just a few and there are others out there.  Also some of you have an efficient manual way of keeping track.  Please share any methods, products and ideas with us by adding them in a comment below.

From The Sewing directory
These below are some apps listed on the Sewing Directory site
Pattern Pal
This app allows you to track your patterns, along with a couple of photos for each pattern, pattern notes plus details of the fabrics and notions associated with your patterns.  It is available from the iTunes store.
Sewing Kit HD 2.0
Taking the Fabric Stash concept a step further this app allows you to catalogue your patterns, fabric, thread, notions, books and equipment.  You can scan the barcodes of products to instantly upload the details.   You can also track the progress of your sewing projects, take screenshots or photos of anything that inspires you and save the measurements of the people you commonly sew for.
It is available in the iTunes app store and you can get more information about it on the developer’s website
Stash Star Fabric App
If your stash is getting so large you are losing track of what’s in there this is the perfect app for you.  It allows you to photograph and catalogue your stash, ideal for when you are out looking for matching notions.  You can also add in a wish list so you will always have a fabric shopping list to hand (not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.....)
It is available on the iTunes store here.

10 apps listed on an American site.
Thought this might be useful

 From Coletterie
This site has some great tips, tutorials and ideas.  I’ve selected a few about planning and keeping track of a wardrobe and stashes.

My sewing Circle  This is supposed to be the sewing equivalent of Ravelry, but it doesn’t really seem to have got off the ground yet in terms of people using it, despite a change of people running it in December 2014.  However it does provide a way of listing projects, stashes etc and recording your finished projects. 

More about Stash Star Fabric app
A review from I want to Be a turtle Blog


  1. This is fantastic! These all sound so very useful. I found another website with lots of recommendations for apps on iTunes:

    Unfortunately I need an android app and those seem to be a bit thin on the ground. I downloaded, and will soon try, an app that's called Clothio. I just need to get to my (many) fabrics to start taking pics of them. Then I'll report back!

  2. I started using the android app called Clothio. It is useful.
    I might also try a photo organising tool like Picasa or Phototeca. I haven't used either of those yet so I don't know a huge lot about them. I am looking for one that is great on tagging.

  3. I have apps for all my hobbies and found it difficult to find any on sewing. These recommendations are useful. I'm on my way to downloading them.


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