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Monday, 22 December 2014

Sewing Resolutions

It's that time of year when people reflect on the past 12 months. It has been great to see how people have progressed with their 2014 sewing resolutions here. So how did I do?
My sewing resolutions were:-

  1. Make a tailored jacket
  2. Continue to make at least 1 garment per month
  3. Attend at least 1 sewing course or workshop to learn new sewing skills
I managed 2 out of 3 of these aims, with number 1 alluding me. I have the pattern and muslin in my stash, I just have not put aside the time to crack on with this.

Looking back on my sewing year it appears that I do like instant gratification sewing as I now have alot of easy to make dresses in my wardrobe. This is a shame as I have alot of designer Vogue patterns that I have yet to tackle and spend time on. So how has this shaped my sewing resolutions for 2015? My aims for the next year are:-

  1. Complete 3 designer vogue patterns
  2. Continue to make 1 garment per month
  3. Make a tailored jacket 
  4. No new pattern challenge (check out the details on this here)
These are not the most inventive, but they will challenge me to get to things that I have been putting off. As I am generally a one project at a time sewer it will also challenge me to have some quick stash busting projects in addition to a slow burning project that I can take my time with. Resolution number 4 should hopefully encourage me with resolution number 1 and curb my ridiculous pattern stash.

Has your sewing year shaped your resolutions for 2015? Are there any new skills that you would like to learn? And do you have any meetup ideas that could aid your resolutions?

Don't forget to post your ideas here!


  1. I find it such a comfort that you feel you made many 'easy to make' dresses. I have about 5-6 versions of the same kimono style top just because it was easy, and quick!, to make. That makes me feel lots better! But your dresses are wonderful: there are lots of really nice shapes and patterns. They really suit you.

    My sewing resolution moved away from specific projects (got plenty ideas on those!) so that I can try to figure out what held me back from completing so many projects in 2014. That would be fundamental to being able to progress, both with my follow-through and also towards tackling more complex projects.

    I did like the envelope wrap challenge I did (oops, in 2013) but I hadn't paid enough attention to whether this style would suit me. I must pay more attention so I will feel more inspired to finishing things. I think that those insights have and will shape my sewing this year. I hope to learn lots about where I am going wrong by thinking things through a lot more.

  2. My resolution should be not to sew in the same room as the computer, although I don't have any choice, because I go and look at blogs etc. when I'm a bit stuck with the sewing and then I spend too much time viewing.
    I posted my resolutions on the London Dressmakers Meet-up site but I am already in danger of breaking the "No new patterns" one. I am, however, trying my best to keep another one to be very careful and try and avoid silly mistakes. I've just cut out some trousers and been very careful to transfer all my alterations to the original pattern, including the new seam allowance, before cutting out.
    2015 seems to be a year when many sewing bloggers are deciding to rein in their spending on fabric and patterns and go for improving technique and deciding to make what they need.
    Perhaps we could have a wardrobe analysis session with members checking out their wardrobes beforehand and coming together to discuss what they should ditch, what they could alter and bringing some patterns to see how others think it would work for them or to swap if they have already decided they are a definite "No" for their wardrobe.

    1. Good news about the trousers! A computer in a different room might pull you away from sewing even more? Perhaps your breaks are shorter with it right there?

      I would also love to improve my sewing accuracy and solve my fitting issues - I have plenty of fabric to "play" with!

      A wardrobe analsys session is a fantastic idea! I would love to discuss different styles re body shape and maybe also a short list of garments that are useful. We could take photos to bring along to show which ones we think we already have? And bring anything to be altered, that would be good too.

      I also meant to ask you how the fishtail skirt turned out? Were you able to wear it to the event? I would love to see a photo of you in it if there is one! See you on the 13th.

  3. Gisella,
    Making the same kimono pattern several ways sounds like a win to me. Easy to sew and throw on over all different, dresses, skirts and pants. I want to learn to sew shirts for my son in 2015. He is very thin and loves clothes. I have some beautiful shirting fabrics for shirts for him but I am afraid to pull the trigger. I guess I am just going to have to make one out of muslin first.

    1. Shirts are great to make*! Once you're happy with the fit, it's even a simple thing to cut out a couple of fabrics (even double-layered) and do a bit of a conveyor belt thing. Particularly if you pick two fabric that take the same colour sewing thread. Great result.
      I am still trying to develop my tunic pattern to wear with and over lots of different things. As many tunic versions as possible!

      *: There is a great trick to use a length of thread to turn the collar corners out (it's quick, easy and very effective!). Ask me if you want more details.


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